Where Will You be Celebrating Your Passover Meal?21st March 2013

Photo by Tom Le Goff gettyimages.com

Photo by Tom Le Goff – gettyimages.com

While it may be too late to plan a Passover vacation only a few days before the holiday, it is never too early to plan for next year’s festivities.  Many find Passover an ideal time to get away and celebrate the beginning of the spring season.  In fact, trends have shown that many families want all the traditions of a typical Passover meal, but on a grander scale.  If any of these ideas sound ideal to you, start saving your money for next year’s holiday!

  • In Arizona, the Biltmore has over 1,000 reservations for a VIP Passover experience.  Guests can enjoy spa accommodations, kosher cuisine, Children’s programs, and Torah learning experiences.  The program is designed to be beautiful and meaningful for your family.
  • After a slump in Jewish tourism, Israel is seeing a resurgence of pilgrimages during the Passover holiday.  For families all over the world, the Holy Land continues to be a source of spiritual enlightenment.  Newer resorts cater to modern families’ desires while maintaining old-world traditions.
  • New Orleans is known for Mardi Gras, a Christian tradition celebrating the beginning of Lent, a time of fasting and repentance.  However, there is an emerging Jewish culture in the post-Katrina city.  This city of blended French, African, and southern traditions is seeing a surge in Jewish tourists, and welcomes them with open arms!
  • If you aren’t lucky enough to travel during the holidays, new cooking classes, better quality wines, and even in-home chef services are available to make your at-home Passover Seder as decadent as you wish.

If you are building new traditions for your family’s Passover, begin with beautiful plates and wine goblets.  Learn the stories of Miriam and Elijah’s cup, the Seder plate, and why matzah is so important to the Passover meal.  Despite trends leading to grander scale Passover celebrations, this is, most importantly, a time to spend with family and honor the customs of thousands of years.

Read about my family’s traditions and recipes!  Hosting a Seder can be stressful, but many hands in the kitchen make for light work, and singing does make the work seem worth it.  Feel free to offer advice, recipes, and fond memories of Passovers past in the comments section!

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