Sex and the City Makes Judaica Stylish6th June 2008

Charlotte and Harry under the chuppah

The premiere of the hotly anticipated Sex and the City movie has theaters everywhere experiencing sold out shows like never before. It is a phenomenon. Fans across the world are flocking to see it and its debut broke the record for best opening day ever for a romantic comedy.

Each fan of the show has a favorite among the ‘girls’ and Charlotte York, Jewish convertee, definitely is one of my favorites. WASPy Charlotte, after years of unsuccessful relationships and one failed marriage, meets Jewish lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt, and falls in love.

The happy couple after breaking the wedding glass

Charlotte is a traditional girl and immediately takes on the traditions of Judaism with a joyfulness and hilarity that is such a part of the show. She is seen preparing challah bread and matzo-ball soup, and serving potato kugel and brisket.

As Carrie Bradshaw says at the beginning of the movie, people come to New York for the two L’s: love and labels. The show has always been all about style and there is no doubt that Charlotte York would love the stylish Judaica that we carry at Jewish Gift Place.

Charlotte York is an art dealer on the show, so it would be no surprise if her character were drawn to the amazing handcrafted Judaica that we carry and the new artists we are adding everyday.

Soulmate Ring

We never get to see the wedding band that Charlotte selected for Harry, but with her exquisite taste it would definitely be something like our beautiful hebrew wedding band called the soul mate ring.

Charlotte’s wedding was one of the highest rated episodes of the show ever and fans of the show remember when Harry could not break the ceremonial glass underfoot. Maybe if he was breaking a Gary Rosenthal Jewish wedding glass he wouldn’t have had that problem!

Charlotte and Harry tried for so long to have children and finally adopted adorable little Lily Goldenblatt. Charlotte is a romantic and she decorated her daughter’s room all pink and girly just as we would expect from Charlotte! The Gary Rosenthal Baby Girl Tzedakah Box would be something we could expect to find in that little pink princess room!

Gary Rosenthal Baby Girl Tzedakah BoxSince Charlotte has an eye for the unique and classically simple, a nursery mezuzah like the Emily Rosenfeld pewterNoah’s Ark mezuzah would fit right in as something that would hang in the nursery of brand new baby Rose Goldenblatt.Emily Rosenfeld Pewter Noah’s Ark Mezuzah

We know that Charlotte and Harry’s love will stand the test of time! What would Charlotte give Harry for their 25th wedding anniversary? Why, maybe an Jewish gift something like our Eduardo Milieris modern copper watch, of course! Elegant and so artistic!
Eduardo Milieris Watch

If you are someone who is looking for stylish Judaica that would make even the Sex and the City divas proud, check out our collection. You will find a label you love!

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