Jewish Wedding Rings: A Symbol of Love and Eternity23rd April 2013

Jewish Wedding Rings: Symbols and Traditions

rgThe Jewish wedding ring symbolizes the eternal love shared between and husband and wife.  Not just a sign to the world that this man and this woman are spoken for, but that their love has no beginning and no end.  In Judaism, the circle represents gaining insight and wisdom when faced with the same experience over and over.  As a man gifts the ring to his wife, they vow to continue to grow in faith and love, adding to the link with family.

The traditional Jewish wedding band may have begun as a simple gold ring, but today more flashy designs have come into fashion.  Engravings, jewels and other types of metals are seeing a rise in popularity.  Despite these changes, all the Jewish wedding rings featured on Jewish Gift Place still retain a sense of tradition and hold a special meaning.

The most popular rings are rose gold and inscribed with the words from the Song of Solomon, like “I Am My Beloved’s and My  Beloved is Mine,” and “I Have Found the One my Soul Loves.”    jdFor the Yonatan collection rings, you can choose your gemstones.  The Jewish wedding rings come in 14K gold, sterling silver, or rose gold (formed by adding copper to the gold).  All rings are custom made by artists in Israel and Philadelphia, PA.  Since the rings are handmade and made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks to make your custom ring.

Visit our website to read about other important elements of the Jewish wedding.  If you have been invited to a Jewish wedding ceremony, and have never been to one before, we have a couple of brief articles on what to expect, what music you may hear, and what you wear.  We also have an extensive collection of traditional wedding gifts!

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