Gorgeous Handmade Jewish Wedding Bands18th April 2013


Love is in the air at Jewish Gift Place! The wedding season is upon us and we are excited to showcase our absolutely GORGEOUS Jewish wedding ring collection. The beautiful rings shown above are made by two talented artists – Neta Wolpe from Israel, and Yonatan of Jean Designs in Philadelphia. The rings come in sterling silver, 14K gold, and 14K rose gold. Lately,the rose gold rings have been very popular. The rose gold color comes from a small percent of copper added to the gold. The silver rings by Yonatan come with or without stones and you can choose the stones that you like. The wedding rings are handcrafted with beautiful sayings such as:

  • “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”
  • “I have found the one my soul loves”
  • “May my soul be linked to yours”

We have many beautiful rings to choose from so check out our entire Jewish Wedding Ring Collection. Each ring is handmade with love from the Holy Land and the city of Brotherly Love.

Check out two of our newest artists that we recently added to the website:

  • Anju makes beautiful, earthy necklaces, bracelets, and earrings out of pewter coated in silver and copper.
  • Daryl Cohen Art Design makes brilliant mezuzahs, necklaces, and serving plates made from dichroic glass.

If you are looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift, these artists have a wonderful collection of handmade Judaica. I’ll be spotlighting Anju and Daryl Cohen in a future newsletter.

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